Gameplay May Change During Online Play

29 May 2007 Leave a comment

One of the top 6 “feature length” machinima films to come through’s movie rating system, this one is my favorite. It shows the crap most of us have had to put up with playing Halo 2 online, wrapped in a funny, heroic adventure story. There are tons of movie, TV show, and pop culture references, too…see if you can find them! I’ll go ahead and let the creator speak for the movie, though:

“A machinema film by Across the Waves and Chaos Star Productions. What happens when a bunch of regular guys run into a bunch of Xbox Live cheaters? They fight back…with wacky results!”

— description from Obienator, ‘Gameplay May Change’ Part 1

The video is about 15 minutes long, but worth every second…make sure to set aside a little time to enjoy it all :) Please check out the video and more information by clicking on “read more.”

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The Picard Song

27 May 2007 Leave a comment

This is probably the best Star Trek techno song I have ever heard. The video editing and syncing is fantastic. I think it is a good tribute to Captain Picard :) Please check out the video by Jux by clicking on “read more.”

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HMV Hell

06 May 2007 Leave a comment

This is one of my all-time favorite Halo 2 videos. It was done in the style of AMV Hell. Download it from :)

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New Firewall and Antivirus Downloads

26 April 2007 Leave a comment

I have removed Zone Alarm Firewall from my list of downloads, because I am no longer happy with their free product. It also appears that it is no longer the same company developing it. I am instead suggesting Comodo Firewall Pro, as it has a much finer level of control over internet traffic, excellent leak protection, and support, among other things. What are you waiting for? Its free!

I have also added avast! antivirus home edition, as it is the best free antivirus that I could find so far.

I have done some minor housekeeping with a few outdated programs, updated the link to Uninstall Tool, and added links to SLAX Linux LiveCD, Windows Defender, and the XMPlay media player. Enjoy!

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New Theme, New Header, New Look

22 June 2006 2 comments

The team is constantly making this Blog service better, and this time I think they really hit the jackpot (for me at least!). I had been looking for a reason to change from the default theme, and being able to upload a custom header image put me over the top to choose this one (if you were wondering, it is the Contempt theme). Great work team; as always, keep the awesomeness coming!

Okay, so a little bit about the image I chose for the new header. Although it is simple, I think it goes well with the overall look of the theme, and helps it all stand out a bit. I’ve always been fascinated with lightning. I can’t take all the credit, though; the picture is from Wikimedia Commons and is called Lightning3.jpg. I didn’t do any editing either; it is just cropped where there are lots of forks, near the bottom of the image.

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Blue Man Group on Global Warming

23 April 2006 1 comment

“Please take a moment to locate this planet’s emergency exits. As you can see, there aren’t any!” — Blue Man Group “Voice”

Please click “read more” to see the video.

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Halo MPD Dysfunction

09 March 2006 1 comment

In the words of Mothergoat from

“There is a certain Public Service Announcement video I just made that’s making its way across the Halo community circuit right now. It deals with the crippling dysfunction MPD…” –Mothergoat

This is a very serious dysfunction that everyone should be made aware of, especially since HALO2 has settled in to the gamer community at large. You can check out the video at the forums, titled “Halo 2 Public Service Announcement Video.”

Update: Now you can download the MP3 from the video! Great job Mothergoat!

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